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Thank you for stopping by! You are at the Richwood congregation's website (Richwood, Ohio, USA). We invite you to look around and get a feel for our congregation. If you are not currently a member of this congregation we invite you to visit one of our weekly services. And of course, feel free to reach out and call Pastor Nathan Harding. We know that you and your family will have a relaxed and enjoyable experience with the congregation of God at Richwood, as we worship and fellowship together at our services, events, and ministries. Come on out and worship with us!

Memorial-Day Fellowship Meeting!

Each Memorial-Day weekend we are able to enjoy the gathering together of area congregations that are like-minded and Bible-centered. Guest ministers deliver the Good News Saturday morning followed by lunch and fellowship. This is a great time to meet new saints, sing, worship the Lord together, and seek healing or salvation. Saturday & Sunday of Memorial Day weekend! See the Events page for more details.

The Matthew Bible: Modern Spelling Edition ©

This Bible was the combined work of William Tyndale and John Rogers, along with contributions from Miles Coverdale. This is the only one in the world that is modern spelling & normal font. The Matthew Bible is the true, accurate and God inspired English Bible. Although the KJV has served us well, there is a pure and unaltered truth that can only be found in the Bible that was written in blood: In the lives of those who fought to write, live, and preserve God's precious words. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind translation.