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By: Admin | June 30, 2018

I am sitting in my office praying and reading the Scriptures for tomorrow mornings sermon. The overhead lights are off and I am reading by the soft yellowish hue of my desk lamp. soft sounds of things being moved float in from the kitchen and the fans from the AC units hum softly, constantly driving back the high mid-western humidity of a near 100 degree day. But all is not peaceful and quite...

I hear the deafening staccato of drums reverberating from house to house, people screaming lyrics in an attempt to be heard above the crowd around them, drunken people staggering over the worship house steps, grasping the rail so many frail saints have used for a different need of stability. Bass guitars amplified to a window rattling setting accompany the drums and an 80's throwback band sing the songs from a by-gone youth. Songs about drinking, drugs, promiscuity, and rebellion. A stage is set up with bright flashing multi-colored lights showing the singers and highlighting the screeching electric guitar player. A dance floor is available with nakedness and seduction writhing across it. All of this is about 600 feet from my office, from the house of prayer. A beer tent is catering to the thirst of the village residents, and for perhaps the first time, the worship house parking lot is filled to capacity with more cars lining the street.

If God tarries, will any of these people think of the God who made them? Will there be cars at the worship house on Sunday morning? God is so faithful to send truth to a lost village, yet they respond by stumbling over the very doorway to eternal life. As the preacher walks into the worship house, a drunk stumbles into him, apologizes and mentions a need for more beer. How long will that door remain open? The truth will continue on in the morning, as the lost slumber on, the amplifiers still faintly ringing in their ears. They party likes it's their last night on Earth, and perhaps for some it will be. I am glad that God showed me the door, his son, and that I am not stuck in the sinful 80's but have eternal life, and inward peace, in this present day.

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By: Admin | June 23, 2018

Richwood Chapel Sign
New Sign

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By: Admin | June 22, 2018

Richwood Chapel Broadcasts

The Richwood congregation hosted a weekly broadcast a few years ago. These broadcasts ran for one year before being paused due to the growth and time constraints of the congregation.

Starting next Sunday, 6/24/2018, they will be aired once again - With updated content, a new format, and new ways to listen.

The broadcasts will air LIVE at 2:30 PM each Sunday afternoon and can be accessed by calling with your phone. Just dial the number at 2:30 PM (so you don't miss the live broadcast) and enter the access code. Once the broadcast starts, you will hear the sermon over your telephone, it is that easy.

If you miss a broadcast they will be available as a podcast via the website, although the podcast will be delayed from the live broadcast. If you choose, you can also listen in on the LIVE broadcast via the websites online meeting option and clicking the radio button! We hope you can join us at 2:30 PM each Sunday.

LIVE Broadcast

Call-in number: 515-604-9537
Access code: 321401

Online Broadcast

Online meeting ID: richwood (or just click the radio button)
Join the online meeting


Catch past episodes of the live broadcast via the website.

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By: Admin | April 09, 2018

Memorial Weekend Fellowship Meeting (9th)

Saturday, May 26, 2017 - Evangelist Joe Brewer, Newark, OH

Sunday, May 27, 2017 - Pastor Mike Miller, Medina, OH


10:30 AM services (both days)There will be one service at 10:30 AM Saturday followed by a free lunch & fellowship at the Richwood Lake Park, 1/2-mile West of the chapel (4 Lynn St). Sunday morning service is at 10:30 AM. Handicap restrooms are located at the park.


Richwood Chapel, 117 E Ottawa St, Richwood, Ohio 43344


·Hotels are in Marysville, Ohio
·Please plan on worshipping with us both days if you can!
·We are looking forward to seeing you here!
To print this flyer from your computer visit www.richwoodchapel.org/blogs

By: Admin | March 23, 2018

Fast Text Updates

The Richwood congregation has made changes to how we communicate our meetings. You are still invited, of course— we’ve just changed how it’s done. It is my hope as pastor that our updated communications will reach more people, and faster.

Starting immediately, we will no longer be mailing fliers or invitations via the US Postal Service. Going forward, we will use text messaging. If you would like to be invited to our gatherings, music events, and to hear guest ministers—and we hope you do—I invite you to sign up for TEXT updates (you’ll receive less than 1 message per month).

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