By: Nathan | September 29, 2016

A Decline in Devotion

Certainly, it is not wrong to receive an education; however, you must consider the spiritual influences behind the college courses you intend to take and the ways college might affect you spiritually. If someone were to tell me they planned on attending a for-profit state college and staying on campus while majoring in some sort of liberal arts, I would immediately be concerned. Conversely, if the same person were to consider a local (and better yet, online) non-profit Christian college with intent to major in a professional or technical subject I would feel much better about it.

If you want to struggle spiritually, then going to college is a way to make that happen. Professor Todd Hall at Biola’s Rosemead School of Psychology (a Christia...

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By: Nathan | April 17, 2016

Too many times people serve God as if it were an expense or problem. The Scriptures teach people to serve “not by constraint, but willingly.” The word constraint means forced, obligated, or compelled. Ministers should not preach from a sense of obligation or of being forced into that position, and neither should those who serve God in any other manner do it out of constraint. Service to God is not a sacrifice, it is a privilege. God’s yoke is easy and his burden is light. This saying about God's yoke is referring to how cattle are connected together to pull a plow or wagon. The connection that unites them is called a yoke. An "easy yoke" is like saying that God will not ask you to do anything that it too hard or too difficult for...

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By: Nathan | November 06, 2015

We have looked through many old hymnals, scoured sheet music, and interviewed singers and musicians to find the most loved songs, songs with sound doctrine, songs with a theme of victory and of success, and songs that exalt God, Christ, pure living, and holiness.

New Hymnal.

Some songs are about serving God, such as, “His yoke is easy,” and some are singing of “Victory” through Jesus. Other songs teach doctrine, “O church of God” while others encourage, “Jesus is good to me.” The songs of the saints are victorious and full of joy. The theme behind most of these songs is acknowledging the need for Christ, “I need thee every hour” and because of his guiding, psalms such as “There’s within my heart a melody” and “I’m happy, redeemed, and free” ...

By: Nathan | October 06, 2015

A business textbook has the following two pictures to illustrate how women's roles have changed in the last 50 years. I couldn't help but ask myself, "Who is Happier?" Has America made "progress" or has it simply become "depressed?" Which woman looks happier to you?

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By: Nathan | September 21, 2015

There is a lot of activity taking place here at the Richwood Chapel. Recently we have updated out events list with the meetings we have been invited to attend and some that we ourselves plan on holding. There are a lot of things taking place in the next couple of months.

Many people have asked about updates to the Matthew Bible and we wanted to let everyone know that it is still a priority. We are doing the final edits on the sections we have already translated. This means that you should begin seeing some positive changes on the progress chart in the next few months.

We are finishing the 2016 Jubilee Herald. Many are looking forward to this latest devotional. This is the third devotional since we switched from a monthly newsletter to the ann...

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