Learn . Live . Lead


Thank you for taking the time to research who we are. The Richwood Chapel is the building where we worship, the people are the people of God, and together we make up the Richwood congregation of God (the Church of God, Richwood, Ohio).

This congregation exists for the local people in Richwood and Prospect, and also for Marion, Marysville, Delaware and many other smaller communities located throughout Union and Marion County. We have neither pulled people from other congregations whom we are acquainted with (the nearest one is 50 miles/85 kilometers away) nor have we went into an existing group. The lord laid out the direction and we followed his leading. Those who are attending are wonderful people that God has led to this work. It is the desire of the Richwood congregation to reach those in the community that are lost and to be a place where Godly people can call home.

Anytime a congregation is established, is a time of great importance in the history of the Church of God. However, this moment would have never happened if men and woman of God before us had not remained faithful. We thankfully acknowledge the efforts, talents, works, hopes and prayers of people who--through time--have labored toward this result. We are both humbled and honored that God chose us to begin this work and it is with much gratefulness and rejoicing that we labor for the Christ. This congregation is an extension of Bro. and Sis. G. William Harding's burden. It is the Richwood congregation’s purpose to help spread the Good News to all who will listen.