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The Thomas Matthew Bible

This Bible was the combined work of William Tyndale, and John Rogers with Miles Coverdale. It was published under the pseudonym 'Thomas Matthew' because the people had already killed Brother Tyndale and were rejecting the truth of God's word. They eventually killed Brother John Rogers as well.

The only one in the world that is Modern Spelling and normal font

The Matthew Bible is the true, accurate and God inspired English Bible, prior to the Church of England modifying it for political reasons (through its Governor, King James I) from 1568 through 1611. The King James version that is used today is the updated 1769 Oxford Standard edition and contains about 79% of the Matthew Bible in the New Testament but much less in the Old (75%). About 26% of the 1611 & 1769 versions are based on the Geneva Bible and other politically driven changes. The rest is that of William Tyndale. Any other Bible may be based even less on the original writings.

The purest English Bible is the Thomas Matthew Bible; until now, unavailable in modern spelling, modern font, and in print.

The King agreed that a new Bible could be introduced to solve a debate among the Puritans and the Church of England. William Tyndale made great effort not to use the word church or other such words that had come to represent the Roman Catholic Church and the Church in England; however, King James I demanded that these types of words be used in his new translation, thus obscuring the unity of believers in the one true church, the body of Christ. He also insisted that the Bishops Bible be the basis of the text for what we now know as the KJV Authorized Holy Bible. The Bishop's Bible removed certain wording that "Was not edifying for public reading," which meant anything that was contrary to the practices of the Church of England c.1600.

Although the KJV has served us well (and will continue), there is a pure and unaltered truth that can only be found in the Bible that was written in blood: In the lives of those who fought to write, live, and preserve God's precious words.

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