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History of the Richwood Chapel

Because of Brother Plummer’s salvation, it can be safely assumed, that like-minded, spiritual, people were drawn to the new village of Richwood. Pastor John Graham (December, 1883) best describes the spiritual condition of the town in his writings. He also gives an early account of the Christians who later went on to build what we now know as the Richwood Chapel. According to Pastor Graham:

“Richwood and vicinity, in Claibourne Township, was early noted for the order, morality, and religious character of its citizens. When the writer, in 1836, first became acquainted in the place, it was understood that all the inhabitants were a Sober, church-going people. And this continued to be its reputation for many years .

The first minister of the Gospel who settled in the town was [pastor] John Carney... His home was a little log cabin situated some rods south of where the [Richwood Chapel] now stands. He had no church organization of his own denomination [and preached whenever he could. As an older gentleman, he eventually became feeble]... I think it was in 1838, he [became] more feeble … and it became apparent that his work on earth would soon be done… however, [he desired] to use his little remaining strength in giving his dying testimony in favor of the truth. He therefore had word circulated that he wished his neighbors and friends to come to his little cabin [he was to weak to make it to the worship house] on a certain Sunday and he would preach to them once more. At the time appointed they came. The old gentleman opened the service in the usual manner; and when the time for the sermon came, he introduced his subject by saying, ‘I will read for my text the first and Second verses of the Scriptures.’ He then read Genesis, i, 1,2, and preached his last formal discourse on earth. Soon after… he quietly fell asleep. His neighbors and friends laid his body carefully and respectfully in the little village graveyard [Richwood Cemetery, behind the Chapel], where his dust still quietly waits the call of the resurrection of the just.

Another generation of the [Christian] people in Richwood [has] very recently learned that the little graveyard lot, on a part of which their church stands, contains the unmarked grave of the pioneer minister of this community. They have inquired out the spot and declared their purpose to mark …the precious trust… it is an honor to any congregation to be permitted to guard the resting place of the man who first preached the Gospel in the wilderness…” (Graham, 1883).

It is interesting to learn how God has lead Christian people from Mount Vernon to Richwood and that the very existence of the town was centered on God-fearing folk. 180 years later, God still has a people in Richwood and He is calling them together - To serve Him.

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