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The Congregation

Our History
(updated periodically)

Pastor G. William and Margaret Harding began a home ministry soon after their conversion to Christ on May 27, 1967. They felt a strong desire to labor in the foreign mission fields and win souls for God.

While waiting on the Lord to open those doors, Brother William Harding became burdened for souls at the place of his employment. His wife and children also shared in this burden. People were saved from sin as a result. The newly converted souls joined in the local mission effort at 2 Melick Street - which grew too large for the home.

1986, A building at 9030 Columbus Road (Mount Vernon, Ohio) was purchased and worshiped in for the next eleven years.

1988, A trip to Haiti opened the door to foreign missions. Spain, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Philippine Islands have been supported by the local people and are still visited by the saints here in Richwood.

1996-97, We built a new building in Mount Vernon. Our hope was that the solidness of the building would reflect the stability of God's work. We prayerfully considered using this buildings design for new places of worship as new works emerged through evangelism (simply as a sign of stability).

Note: May 2, 2007, Bro. Nathan Harding began pastoring. This was under Pastor G. William Harding's direct leadership. Bro. Nathan Harding began holding services with a small group of adult saints while praying for direction on where to permanently establish the new work. The saints began meeting each Sunday. Those meeting were not members of any other congregation nor had they been influenced away from any - thank the Lord for Holy Ghost leadership.

October, 2008, Pastor G. William Harding "Left this old world behind" and went home to glory. Brother Nathan Harding received the anointing to carry on in his father's stead and expand the work. Brother Nathan Harding addressed several hundred people in attendance at Pastor G. William Harding's memorial service and advised them that the Mount Vernon location was not the sole focus of his father's burden, but that the goal was and had always been, for the work to expand beyond one location. This is what Pastor G. William Harding had encouraged the spiritual leaders to do. He cautioned them to reach out, as he was doing, and to start new works and to expand the work of God, especially in the Ohio area.

In addition to pastoring, Bro. Nathan and Sis. Jodee Harding supported and assisted the congregation in Mount Vernon as they grieved (especially his mother and family). Some of the (Richwood) congregation also attended services (in addition to their own) during this difficult time. Eventually, the building purchase in Richwood was made and the work became too busy to continue laboring in both locations.

Note: November, 2008, Bro. Jason L. Harding took the available pastorate in Mount Vernon, Ohio; two other bothers, Marcus and Seth, are also ministers.

April, 2009, Brother Nathan Harding received definite clarity from God to establish a new work in Richwood, Ohio. The (Richwood) congregation also felt that this was the Lord's will. The congregation had been praying for direction for two years.

September, 2009, the Lord gave direction on which building to purchase in Richwood.

April, 2010, The Richwood Chapel purchase was finalized. It is located in Richwood, Ohio, USA.

July 31, 2010, the official opening and dedication service was held.

Note: On November 21, 2010 Bro. W. Seth Harding took the available pastorate in Dover, Ohio.

Note: May 8, 2011, The Richwood Congregation expanded as Bro. Marcus felt led to take an available pastorate in Hardin County, Ohio, along with another family from the Richwood congregation. We are thankful God can use them.

May, 2011, God provided so that the congregation was able to pay the building off. This was exactly one year from the first payment. Thank the Lord for providing. 

October, 2012, Pastor Nathan Harding was invited to preach a series of meetings for the different congregations in the Dominican Republic. His wife Jodee and Sister Margaret Harding were also in attendance. 

Note: April 19, 2016, Bro. Nathan Harding agreed to open the doors to the saints from Hardin County, Ohio to unite with the Richwood congregation. Bro, Marcus resigned due to heath complications. April 24th, Bro. Nathan began preaching in both locations until God would unite the people together. May 1, 2016 was the official transition.
February 23-24, 2017 God blessed us with a new roof. We had prayed for this for several years. The funds were donated from saints outside of the congregation. Thank the Lord for supplying our needs!

April 2017, we were finally able to install book holders and convert to the new hymnals! We have prayed about this for around 20 years with Pastor G. William Harding.

May 2, 2017, Marks the congregation's 10th year together! We are so thankful for everything God has done for us, he is truly wonderful, and has proven over and over again that he provides for his people.

May, 3-12, 2017, God provided us with a new concrete parking lot and sidewalk. Again, this was provided by the village and did not cost the saints anything. God is so good to us!

May 27, 2017 is our 8th All-Day Fellowship Meeting. New members are attending and we are thankful for how God is blessing.

Vision and Goals
We consider this only the beginning of the Work of God in our lives. The prayer of our home mission work was to reach the world for Christ and the prayer of this work in Richwood is that we can reach the world for Christ. This is still our greatest desire as a congregation of God. We truly believe that Jesus is the way for all. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the rock we are building on.
As we grow in the Lord, it is our vision to see other congregations started across this nation and that they will prosper in the things of God. May we one day see a congregation in every town across our great nation.  We give God all the praise and thanksgiving. He gets all the Glory. Praise His Holy Name!