What can I expect?
The Richwood Chapel focuses on three basic things: Learn, Live, and Lead.

What if I am not right with God?
That is why we are here. No one begins with a complete understanding of the word of God.

How are you different than the other congregations around?
We do not beg for money. We teach there is only one truth and we do not hide it from you. We teach you how to hear and understand the voice of God. The entire Bible is taught. We do not use modernized Bibles.

I have had problems with other congregations. What do I do?
The Richwood Chapel is a place to start fresh. We enjoy peace and do not want involved in "church problems".

What are the services like?
About 1.5 hours long. We sing traditional songs and some newer ones written by solid Christian people (no modernized repetitious music). There is a prayer bench at the front. We keep the services plain, simple, and easy to understand. You won't hear us speaking anything but words that are understandable (unless the pastor gets tongue tied). We like serving God: It is fun. Yes, the pastor will preach about eternity (the lake of fire, or heaven), living without sin, modesty, and modern methods that the devil uses to fight against people's souls, but it is not harsh or mean.

What denomination are you?

None. We likely conduct our services similarly to the conservative Baptist. We meet for worship with several other congregations of God that are Christ-centered, Bible-based and Spirit led.