Copperheads, Blacksnakes, and a Stroke

01/11/19 10:54 PM Comment(s) By Nathan

Richwood Chapel Podcast 01/11/2019

I was off to Ronny’s as soon as Mom would let me out of the house.  We were always anxious to get down under the old iron bridge.  Many hours were spent in our make believe world.  We were sea captains on some old pursuit ship or admirals of some great warship shooting those big guns, jumping over board into the storms, swinging into some forbidden island, and of course we always brought back treasures to our ship.

Great chunks of gold and silver that sparkled in the sun (rocks) were found, but not without a fight. We always managed to escape somehow. Swords, guns, hand-grenades, bombs, why, it’s a wonder that the old bridge held up as good as it did.

In more peaceful times Ronny and I would hunt crawdads. Those things were sure fast. If you lifted up a rock there would usually be one under it.  If you would be real slow and snuck up from the rear you could catch him, but look out for those pincers, they pinch, believe me, I know. I have had to shake more than one off of my fingers, and my trigger finger at that.

One time I was hunting for one of those quick little creatures and lifted up a rock, a big rock. Under the rock was the biggest black snake I had ever seen.  I dropped the rock and ran as fast as I could run. I even left Trigger (my imaginary horse) at the bridge and did not stop running until I was in the kitchen telling Mom what I had seen.  It was hard for me to go back and get my bike. I thought the snake was laying wait for me. Needless to say, I did not play under the bridge for a long time, and every time I did I had funny feelings run up my legs like some old snake was trying to climb up under my pant leg. Cold chills all over.

While speaking of snakes, let me tell you another true incident that happened to me.

We were living down by the river at this time and I was outside playing. I saw some flowers over by the old cistern. I always liked to see the look on my mother’s face when I would give her a flower. Most of the time it was an old dandelion, but she always made me feel like it was worth a great price. She had a way of turning a yellow dandelion into a beautiful red rose.

This is why I wanted to pick these flowers for mother. As I started toward the cistern, a voice from back of me said, “Billy, don’t pick those flowers.”  I stopped and looked behind me and no one was there, so I started off again for the flowers. Again the voice, “Billy, don’t pick those flowers, go and ask your mother.” 

This time I stopped and looked around, and no one was there, but I felt I had better obey this voice, so I went inside and asked my mother if I could pick the flowers by the old cistern for her. She said “let me look at them” and went over close enough to see. She told me to get back. It was two snakes raised up in the sunlight. She ran for the hoe and killed them both. The neighbor man came and said “these are copperheads.”  Mother told him, ”He was going to pick them for flowers.” The man said, “If he would have gotten close he would be dead now.” I told mom about the voice and she said it was an angel speaking to me, and that I should always obey if I hear that voice again.

My story is true, believe me.

Part 2 contains an account of divine healing and how God reversed a stroke in January 2019.

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