The Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Richwood Chapel Podcast 12/2/2018

The following story is a true account given by my own father, William Harding. This happened around 1949 in McConnelsville, Ohio near the Rocky Glenn Sanitorium in a time when the waste water was reportedly emptied into a feeder stream that fed into Bell creek and then into the Muskingum river.

Pastor William Harding’s miracle:

When I was a young boy, my friend and I spent a lot of time playing under an old iron bridge.  I did not know that the tuberculosis sanitarium (TB) was up the creek from where we played. 

The school nurse was giving each student a test for TB.  My test came back positive. I was sent to a doctor and my x-rays’ showed that I had a big spot on my left lung. I can still remember seeing the x-ray. It did not bother me much and I did not think that it would hurt me, just a little spot like that.

I was not allowed to go out and play with the children. I spent most of my time in the house.  I became weaker and weaker. I lost weight down from my imagined 250 Lbs 6 foot 6 inches tall, to my real size of 35lbs. I was only in the first grade. I got so weak I could not climb the stairs to my bed.

I remember one night hearing my Mom and Dad talking of moving me to Arizona. This brought a fear on me. They were talking about how I was not going to live (they did not know that I was listening) if I did not get help. I did not want them to know how weak I had become and so I acted like I could climb the stairs to my room. I shut the door and slowly made my climb up the long mountainous stairs, up one, then stop, and try to get my breath, then one more and stop.

My Sister seen that I could not make it up the stairs and ran and told…”Daddy, Daddy, Billy can’t make it up the stairs, he is trying but he can’t make it”.

I remember the strong arms of Daddy and the tears in his eyes as he carried me up to bed. He told me-“you don’t have to climb up any more, I will carry you.” He tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead and said, “You’ll be alright Sailor Jack,” (this was a nickname he had given me) and the look on his face made me feel sorry for him. It seemed he was in great pain.

I’ll continue the story of the miracle shortly and when we come back you will hear how an angel treated a little boy and part of what he said to him. You might be surprised.

Thank you for staying with us. Billy had just been tucked into bed by father Ron. Billy, or “sailor jack” as Ron called him, was so sick that his parents did not expect him to see another sunrise. He continues his narrative:

On this night I was awakened by a kind thought and even kinder voice. I was not at all afraid when I saw the one who was speaking to me. He was an angel (this was no dream). He picked me up and set me on His knees. His hands were holding me around my chest, under my arms.

It seemed as though we were friends and had always been.  I asked if I could wake up my sister and brother who were sleeping in the same room.  He said no, let them sleep. I then asked if I could feel His wings. This He let me do. They were bright white. I opened my hand as wide as I could and just over His shoulder I felt the soft and yet firm wing. I looked up at them and they reached up through the ceiling. They must have reached about four feet over his head.

The room that I slept in had a low ceiling. Even Daddy had to bend over when he came in. As I looked up to the top of the angels wings, the ceiling was no longer there. I could see the dark blue sky sprinkled with the stars. I was still on my knees on the angels lap, now looking Him full in the face. His face had a glow and His hair was golden blond and cut above the shoulders. His robe was a glowing pale blue and looked like it might be white, but I would say blue.

He then, looking straight into my face, began to speak to me, not words like you and I would speak, but words that penetrate into the mind. I understood what He said, but it has been taken away from my memory. I have never been able to recall His words. All I know is He was as a friend to me.

After He was finished speaking He laid me back onto the bed, pulled the covers up around my neck and patted me on the head and then turned as I was looking up into the stars. He never looked back at me but walked straight towards the far wall of the room. When He got there the wall dissipated in front of Him and the ceiling and wall were now gone. The whole end of the room and the ceiling were missing and he walked out, off of our floor, off into midair, walking straight toward the Smother’s house. When He was 20 to 30 yards away, never looking back, I saw the walls and ceiling come back together like thousands of little particles, quickly it all came back together.

I told mother what I had seen, and she said I had had a dream, but I still know it was no dream, for I was visited by an angel. That does not make me anyone special, but it surely was special to me and still is today. I recovered from the TB about the time the angel visited me.

I was visited by an angel. My story is true, believe me.


I hope you have enjoyed the pilot episode of this podcast and that you will call in, email us, or contact us in some way to share your story with us.


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